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International College Portsmouth

College Services and Learning and Teaching


Leaving home and travelling to study in a new country can be a hugely rewarding experience. Even though it may be something you have planned and prepared for, the extent of the change and the effect it has on you may take you by surprise. At ICP we realise how important it is to meet our students' needs, both academic and personal, so we offer students a range of services and facilities.

The team are here to support you throughout your time at ICP. The team are all graduates themselves and will help you to not only settle in but to make the most of your time at the University of Portsmouth. We cannot wait to meet you!

Meet Heidi:

Full name: Heidi Podd

Role: Director of College Services

Education: MSc Educational Leadership and Management, BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise Science

Responsible for: Oversight of the student experience including; new programme development, statutory oversight with external bodies, University liaison and College strategy.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Hot Walls

Welcome to ICP, it is our pleasure to have you studying with us. It is our desire, for you to achieve success in your studies and to be as prepared as possible as you continue in your Programme at the University of Portsmouth. Our fantastic College Services Team are here for you every step of the way and I honestly believe that you could not be in better hands.

As well as achieving success in the classroom, there is so much going on, both at ICP and the University of Portsmouth, please do take advantage of everything that is available to you and above all have fun.

We always want to hear from our students so if you ever have anything to say, my door is always open

Meet Chris:

Full name: Chris Rowe

Role: Manager of College Services

Education: MA Translation Studies, BA (Hons) Spanish Studies

Responsible for: Oversight of the College Services team and student experience.  

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Fratton Park

Hi I’m Chris and I’m delighted that you will be studying with us. Myself and the College Services Team are here to ensure that you not only succeed at ICP, but that you do so with a smile. If you ever have any questions, issues or concerns no matter how big or small, we will always be there to listen and help in whatever way we can. Many students come by just to tell us how their weekends have been or show us the many different places they have discovered in Portsmouth, and we love hearing about these too!

Meet Eleanor:

Full name: Eleanor Blackham

Role:  College Operations Mnager

Education: BA (Hons) Writing Fashion and Culture

Responsible for: Health and Safety in the College, Campus estates, Suppliers, Operational Committee Support, Activity Oversight.  


Meet Thania:

Full name: Thania Ahmed

Role: College Services Coordinator

Education: BSc (Hons) Psychology

Responsible for: Registration, Integrated FoT students, Taster Days, awards Evening, Virtual Reception, Student of the Month and Sporting Activities

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Portsdown Hill

Welcome to Portsmouth! My name is Thania and I love my role in College Services. From organising Sports Events, planning our varied Welfare Weeks and keeping you up to date with all of our news and events, I am your go to person. If you’re just as much as a sports fanatic as I am, please do let me know.


Meet Megan: 

Full name: Megan Lock

Role: College Services Officer


Responsible for: Welfare Week Programme, Attendance and Engagement Monitoring, British Cultural Events, Module Ambassador Programme (MAP), Extenuating Circumstances support and Turn-it-in.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: 


Meet Richard:

Full name: Richard Storey

Role: College Services Officer


Responsible for: Student Finance Support, Examination Prep, Additional Learning Support, Diagnostic Testing Support, Attendance and Engagement Monitoring, Off Site Visit Programme.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: 


Meet Silvia:

Full name: Silvia Javega Valencia

Role: College Services Officer


Responsible for: Timetabling, On Site Activity Support, Deferral and Withdrawal Support, Airport Receptions, Accommodation Support, Student Documents and Police Registration Booking Support.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: 


Meet Vlad: 

Full name: Vlad Manic

Role: College Services Officer


Responsible for: Enrolment Activity Programme, Sponsored Student Support, Welfare Support, Student Council, Social Media Updates and Student Newsletter.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: