International College Portsmouth

College Services and Learning and Teaching


Leaving home and travelling to study in a new country can be a hugely rewarding experience. Even though it may be something you have planned and prepared for, the extent of the change and the effect it has on you may take you by surprise. At ICP we realise how important it is to meet our students' needs, both academic and personal, so we offer students a range of services and facilities.

We are here to support you throughout your time at ICP. The team are all graduates themselves and will help you to not only settle in but to make the most of your time at the University of Portsmouth. We cannot wait to meet you!

Meet Chris:

Full name: Chris Rowe

Role: Head of College Services

Education: MA Translation Studies, BA (Hons) Spanish Studies

Responsible for: Oversight of the College Services team and student experience.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Fratton Park

Hi I’m Chris and I’m delighted that you will be studying with us. Myself and the College Services Team are here to ensure that you not only succeed at ICP, but that you do so with a smile. If you ever have any questions, issues or concerns no matter how big or small, we will always be there to listen and help in whatever way we can. Many students come by just to tell us how their weekends have been or show us the many different places they have discovered in Portsmouth, and we love hearing about these too!


Meet Eleanor:

Full name: Eleanor Blackham

Role:  College Operations Manager

Education: BA (Hons) Writing Fashion and Culture

Responsible for: Finance, HR and Committee support. As well as activity oversight for the College including Health and Safety, Wellbeing, Campus Estates and Suppliers

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Old Portsmouth and The Hotwalls Studios

Hi I’m Eleanor and I am so pleased that you are going to be studying at ICP. It is one of the friendliest places you could ever hope to be, with such supportive teaching and College Services staff. You are also going to love Portsmouth, it has everything from old ships, the seaside, hilltop views, shopping, great places to eat and easy access to the train station for further exploring! I look forward to seeing you around the college soon.


Meet Thania:

Full name: Thania Ahmed

Role: Manager of College Services

Education: MSc Psychology and Learning Disability, BSc (Hons) Psychology

Responsible for: Oversight of the College Services team and student experience.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Portsdown Hill

Hiya! My name is Thania and I cannot tell you how excited we are to finally meet you! My main role is to make sure your journey here at ICP is as exciting as it possibly can be. I am not here to support you with passing the semester, rather I am here to support you with smashing your course with the best possible grades. More importantly, my role here within the College is to make sure your experience within higher education is as fun, fabulous and as amazing as it possibly can be.


Meet Megan:

Full name: Megan Lock

Role: College Services Officer

Education: BA (Hons) Tourism Management

Responsible for: Welfare Week Programme, Attendance and Engagement Monitoring, British Cultural Events, Module Ambassador Programme (MAP), Extenuating Circumstances support and Turn-it-in.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: South Parade Pier

Hi, I’m Megan and I hope you are excited to begin your journey here with us at ICP! Being an ex-international student myself, I understand the pressure that comes along with moving to a new place and meeting new people, but please remember, we here at College Services are here to help support your success and make your experience an unforgettable one. I’m excited to hear about your experience with new cultures, finding new and exciting places and making friends that’ll feel like family. We’ll be with you every step of the way!

Meet Alexandros:

Full name: Alexandros Kamplitsis

Role: College Services Coordinator

Education: BA (Hons) in History, MSc in Educational Leadership & Management, PhD in Education Studies

Responsible for: Student Finance Support, Examination Preparation, Academic Skills Workshops, Welfare Support, Referrals, Plagiarism and Academic Support, Student Documents, British Cultural Events.

Favourite place in Portsmouth: Old Portsmouth Hot Walls, Southsea Marina

Congratulations on making it to the ICP! We are thrilled to have you studying here with us at the sunniest and the United Kingdom's only island city! My name is Alexandros and I come from Greece. During my leisure time, I love cycling around Portsea Island, especially from Eastney Beach to Old Portsmouth, where I always enjoy watching the sunset while eating fish and chips. If you have a passion with photography, remember to pay a visit to the Hot Walls and capture the sunset!

I'm your go-to person whenever you have queries related to student finance or your tuition fees. I'm also responsible for the organisation of our very fun British Cultural Events, Diagnostic Testing, Examination Preparation and Workshops.  As all the members of our College Services team put you as our priority, among others, I aim to offer you the best of academic support you may need. As an educator and researcher myself, I am aware of the struggles and I'm delighted to support you with your assignments or modules in general whenever you feel pressure. Remember, we are here to support YOU!'