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Join our new programme leading to Global MBA at University of Portsmouth and develop your understanding of business and management topics in an international context.  

Pathways at the University of Portsmouth

Minimum 15 Years Education



Stage 1: Pre-MBA


Stage 2: Global MBA



Stage 1: 1 semester

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Stage 1:  September 


To help you fund your studies we offer a £2,000 scholarship towards your Pre-MBA fees. You will automatically be considered for the award once you submit a full application to ICP.

Who is this programme for?

The Pre-MBA programme is designed for international students with limited work experience or different education background, interested in studying Global MBA at University of Portsmouth. The course will introduce you to key business concepts and practices needed to succeed in the MBA course.

Why take this course?

  • To prepare you to progress on to the MBA at the University of Portsmouth.
  • To develop a fundamental knowledge and understanding of key theoretical constructs underpinning business and management approaches.
  • To develop a set of transferable skills underpinning all aspects of your onward career.

What will you experience?

  • Linking research to management practice underpinned by key theoretical principles of business and management.
  • Applied research project developing your research, analytical and report writing skills.
  • Client based project to develop your skills working with a live client, finalising in a formal presentation.
  • Development of soft management skills – work ethic, time management skills, communication, leadership and team working.

Stage 1: Pre-MBA


ICP at the University of Portsmouth


  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study
  • Mini-dissertation
  • Research Methods for Postgraduate Study
  • Principles of Business and Management

Stage 2: Global MBA


Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth

Degree awards from the University of Portsmouth

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