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Postgraduate Pathway in Finance

The postgraduate pathway is for students who do not meet the traditional entry requirements for Stage 1 (Master's Degree) or who would benefit from additional academic preparation. Students can begin their postgraduate pathway at ICP and graduate from the University of Portsmouth with a world-class qualification.

Pathways at the University of Portsmouth

Completion of recognised Bachelor's Degree 




Stage 1: Pre-Master's


Stage 2: Master's Degree in Finance


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Stage 1: 1 semester


Stage 1: January and June

Stage 1: Pre-Master's


ICP at the University of Portsmouth


  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study
  • Mini-dissertation
  • Research Methods for Postgraduate Study
  • Principles of Finance and Investment

Programme Specification

Stage 2: Master's Degree in Finance


Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth

Degree awards from the University of Portsmouth

MSc Finance

This pathway is designed for graduates who wish to develop their financial knowledge and acquire related skills, either to prepare for a career in finance or for further study. It is aimed at graduates interested in a career in banking or investment banking, investment analysis, fund management, stockbroking or securities trading in the UK or abroad. This pathway is also suitable for students heading for a corporate financial management career in large, non-financial companies. The degree programme covers theory, research and applications in the three key areas of corporate finance: financial markets and institutions, investments, and corporate finance.

MSc Financial Decision Analysis

The MSc Financial Decision Analysis programme is a practical course based on financial, computational and modelling studies relating to financial decision making. It covers analysis, investment, risk management, budgeting, finance, financial analysis, planning and forecasting. The pathway is specifically designed for graduates from non-financial backgrounds who would like to move into positions involving financial-decision analysis in a range of organisations and industries.

MSc Business Economics, Finance and Banking

This pathway is aimed at students who would like to further their knowledge of economics, finance or accounting and extend it in the direction of banking and financial forecasting. The pathway will better equip you for employment, especially in the fields of banking, finance and business, as well as in the public sector.

Bloomberg suite - business research tool

Once you have progressed to Stage 2 of your studies, you will be able to use the Bloomberg suite which is an essential business research tool and gain real-life financial experience. Created by the Mayor of New York, Mike Bloomberg, the system is used by over a quarter of million finance professionals globally. You too can virtually access the same data, analytics and software used by city traders via one of our Bloomberg terminals.

  • Small, personalised classes.
  • Stage 1 (Pre-Master's) is a one semester stage.
  • Enter the Stage 1 (Pre-Master's) in June to progress to the Stage 2 (Master's degree) in September
  • Heavily supported and focussed learning environment

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