Postgraduate Pathway in Business and Management

The postgraduate pathway is for students who do not meet the traditional entry requirements for Stage 1 (Master's Degree) or who would benefit from additional academic preparation. Students can begin their postgraduate pathway at ICP and graduate from the University of Portsmouth with a world-class qualification.

Pathways at the University of Portsmouth

Minimum 15 Years Education




Stage 1: Pre-Master's


Stage 2: Master’s Degree in Business


Stage 1: Pre-MBA


Stage 2: Global MBA 



Stage 1: 1 semester


Stage 1: January , June or September


Note: Not all courses are available accross all intakes

Stage 1: Pre-Master's


ICP at the University of Portsmouth


  • Interactive Learning Skills and Communication for Postgraduate Study
  • Mini-dissertation
  • Research Methods for Postgraduate Study
  • Principles of Business and Management

Programme Specification

Stage 2: Master's Degree in Business


Portsmouth Business School, University of Portsmouth

Degree awards from the University of Portsmouth

September Intake:

January and June Intake:

January, June and September Intake:

MSc Business and Management

The MSc Business and Management pathway has been developed within the general business management area of postgraduate study. It aims to prepare graduates from any discipline for a career in business and management in either the public or private sector, and is an ideal early-career move to prepare you for a wide range of management roles. The degree will particularly suit students who wish to pursue a broad-based postgraduate management pathway rather than a more specialist management degree, or those who are aiming for a management career but who have not yet gained sufficient career experience to undertake a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

MA Marketing

The highly regarded MA Marketing was established at Portsmouth Business School in 1995 and has consistently attracted applicants from around the world. The course aims to enhance your career prospects and prepare you for roles in marketing and related functions. The MA Marketing will build on your knowledge and enhance your understanding of the principles and theories underlying effective marketing practice, as well as providing you with leading-edge marketing skills.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the leading professional body for marketers worldwide and exists to develop the marketing profession, maintain professional standards and improve the skills of marketing practitioners.

The University of Portsmouth has joined forces with CIM to give students the opportunity to gain professional qualifications through CIM Graduate Gateway. Those graduating with a mark of 50% or more will be exempted from the Strategic Marketing module in the CIM Level 6 Professional Diploma in Marketing for a period of three year following graduation. CIM qualifications are highly sought after by employers, and map alongside our own degrees which ensures you have best opportunities for a successful marketing career. 

MSc Project Management

The MSc Project Management aims to give students a broad understanding of project management including its current tools and techniques and the ability to contribute to project and business effectiveness. The degree provides a grounding in the principles and practice of project management and is designed to prepare students to manage projects in a wide range of sectors and environments.

MSc Risk, Crisis and Resilience Management

The MSc Risk, Crisis and Resilience Management is an ideal route into a wide range of risk management roles. This degree will help students gain a broader understanding of risk management, including current tools and techniques, to understand the risk and crisis management implementation process, and give an ability to contribute to managing risk and business effectiveness.

MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

The MSc Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship aims to develop understanding of entrepreneurship and the key issues involved in the management of innovation. It particularly examines these issues from the perspective of firms, but also other relevant standpoints such as government and academia.

  • Small, personalised classes
  • Stage 1 (Pre-Master's) is a one semester stage
  • Enter the Stage 1 (Pre-Master's) in June to progress to the Stage 2 (Master's degree) in September
  • Heavily supported and focussed learning environment

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