Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

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Student services email 

Reception: +44 (0)2393 84 8540

Emergency phone: +44 (0) 7872 548496


University of Portsmouth

Latest University of Portsmouth coronavirus information


University of Portsmouth Coronavirus Helpdesk:

Telephone: +44 (0)23 9284 5588

Email: infoline@port.ac.uk


Additional Support

Medical emergencies: 999

Non-Emergency online NHS Helpline

Non-Emergency Police Helpline: 101

Samaritans (charity to support mental health emergencies): 116 123 (open 24 hours)


Current Student FAQs

Is ICP still teaching?


ICP re-started online delivery of all undergraduate classes on Monday 18 May 2020 and postgraduate classes on Monday 22nd June. Pre-sessional English classes are also currently running online. Students have received an email with instructions on how to join, but some of the main principles:

  • Classes will run at the same time as your current timetable.
  • You can join online via “Zoom”, using a link which will be instead of the room name/number on your timetable
  • Guidance on joining the “Zoom” classes.
  • Attendance will be taken (you will need to join Zoom using your student number), and for your Tier 4 visas, it’s important to ensure good attendance and engagement.
  • We are currently working on changes to online assessment to make sure they are as fair as possible for all students and will be in touch with more information in the next few days.


What will happen with my attendance?

  • For online classes, join the Zoom meeting with your number and your name, and the teacher will note you attended. You will also be asked to contribute online (spoken, or over online tools like Socrative or Kahoot!) during classes, and may require a summary of the lecture being emailed to the lecturer if they ask for it, to show you were attending and engaging with the lesson.


What will happen to my exams?

  • Exam week remains the same, and we will inform all students about changes to Assessment Regulations and Academic Misconduct with online exams.


Is the Library open on campus?

  • Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on the evening of 23 March, the University of Portsmouth has closed all University buildings. Although the University of Portsmouth is now reopening the campus and will carry on doing so between July and September, currently the Library remains closed. Further advise from the University on Library resources is available below.

    Library chat service
    Library staff have moved from the Library Help Desk to working remotely to protect everyone during the current viral outbreak. Instead of giving face-to-face support over the next few weeks, we’re staffing our online chat and email support services more heavily.
    All our chat handling teams are experts in finding, accessing and referencing information and will be more than happy to help you. Go to the Library website and click on the blue and white chat (speech bubble) button on the right-hand side.

    Book Returns
    Hold on to books you currently have, as there are no facilities to return books to the library. All books on loan will automatically renew and no automatic recall notices will be issued. 

    Physical books with no electronic version
    If you require a physical book that we don’t have an electronic copy of, please email library@port.ac.uk and we will try to acquire an electronic copy if possible. If an electronic copy isn’t available, we’ll put you in touch with your Faculty Librarian and Assistant Faculty Librarian who will try to help you find the information you need from an alternative source.


How is ICP supporting current international students who are now studying online?

  • Our current students can access their lectures online and all of the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle). Any queries can be raised through our Virtual Reception (available Monday to Friday, 10.00am-11.00am and 3.00pm-4.00pm UK time), our phone line or our emergency phone number. The full Academic and Student Services team are readily available and wanting to continue supporting our students.


How is ICP supporting students who suspect they have COVID-19?

  • ICP is updating our student body regularly with the latest updates from the Government and local Health Providers. Students should follow the advice of the National Health Service as their health and well-being is of the upmost importance. If a student suspects they have Covid-19, we would ask them to get in touch with our Student Services Team who will support them with any impact upon their studies and reaching out to relevant support mechanisms in place if they find themselves self-isolating.


As a current student in the UK, are Covid-19 diagnoses and treatments covered by the NHS Health Surcharge?

  • NHS treatment for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is free of charge for all ICP students provided that they have paid the immigration health surcharge and their immigration permission has not expired. ICP students who have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), our students can use it to receive free NHS treatment, at least until 31 December 2020.

For information about how to find help with healthcare at this time, see General support for international students.



How will ICP support students who want to stay on-campus during the closure of campus?

  • Whilst the UK remains on lock down, our students here in the UK can access their lectures online, all of the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), our Virtual Reception available for students in the morning and afternoon Monday - Friday, both our phone line and our emergency phone number remain open and the full Academic and Student Services Team are readily available and wanting to continue supporting our students.


How will ICP support students who stay off-campus during the closure of campus?

  • Similarly to our students here in the UK, our students overseas can access their lectures online, all of the Virtual Learning Environment (Moodle), our Virtual Reception available for students in the morning and afternoon Monday - Friday, both our phone line and our emergency phone number remain open and the full Academic and Student Services Team are readily available and wanting to continue supporting our students.


I want to return home during the closure, what is the process for deferral of study?


What impact will this have on my Tier 4 visa?

  • If you return home, the University will continue to sponsor your Tier 4 visa during this period. We expect you to continue to engage with any learning and assessments which are provided online. If you leave the UK or have left already, you should complete the Leave of Absence form.
  • There are no changes to your working rights, and employment permissions. Tier 4 students will continue to be restricted during term time, as you will be expected to be working on your studies. Semester dates also remain the same at this time.
  • If your visa is due to expire soon, contact the Student Services team on student.services@icp.port.ac.uk for further advice. Please give your full name and student number so that they can assist you further. The University is waiting for further information from UKVI about how visa extensions will happen during this time.


I am having issues paying for next semester fees, can you help?

  • We understand that this might be a difficult time for people, and will deal with any queries on tuition fees sensitively, and on a case-by-case basis. Please contact Student Services, with as much information as you can, and we will support as best we can. 


I am already in the UK studying Pre-Sessional English. Will I be able to progress to my chosen degree?

  • Any students who successfully complete their Pre-Sessional English Programme will be eligible to continue onto the next Stage of their Programme.


How do I access my saved work on the University of Portsmouth drive?

  • Instructions can be found here
  • Mac users, please contact the University of Portsmouth Service desk on +44 (0)23 9284 7777, or email at servicedesk@port.ac.uk for support getting access.


When will we re-open the College and start face-to-face teaching again?

  • Please refer to the October Intake 2020 page here to find out all the information about our intake and the new start dates.  


Should I fly home now?

  • We recommend that you follow the latest travel guidance before considering travelling, and please ensure you keep in touch with us to let us know your plans.

Please also consider checking with your insurance company how this might affect any claim you might want to make at a future date.



What if I do go home and can’t fly back?

  • We will deal with any individual situations on a case by case basis, but again, please for now make sure you inform us of your plans.


What if I do not wish to continue my studies at this time and wish to suspend or withdraw from my course?

  • If you are not continuing with your current course then the normal processes apply. You will need to contact student.services@icp.port.ac.uk and we will help you to complete the appropriate paperwork to suspend or withdraw from your course. The University is then required to inform the Home Office of this and withdraw sponsorship for the Tier 4 visa. We will confirm by email to you when this has been done and provide you with advice on how long you have to leave the UK.