Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

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Student services email 

Reception: +44 (0)2393 84 8540

Emergency phone: +44 (0) 7872 548496


University of Portsmouth

Latest University of Portsmouth coronavirus information


University of Portsmouth Coronavirus Helpdesk:

Telephone: +44 (0)23 9284 5588

Email: infoline@port.ac.uk


Additional Support

Medical emergencies: 999

Non-Emergency online NHS Helpline

Non-Emergency Police Helpline: 101

Samaritans (charity to support mental health emergencies): 116 123 (open 24 hours)


Accommodation FAQs

Current students

Will University-managed accommodation continue to stay open?

  • University Halls of Residence are staying open. Social distancing measures are enforced and external visitors are not allowed inside Halls of Residence.

Will private student accommodation continue to stay open?

  • ICP Halls of Residence and private accommodation remain open and providers are ensuring practical advice and assistance is provided to students regularly to provide reassurance.

    The following measures are in place:
  • Caretaking / resident management: The resident managers will continue residing in the premises. Tthey have been briefed and are on full alert during this challenging time.
  • Social distancing: All staff are adhering to social distancing measures as much as reasonably possible in accordance with the latest and fast changing government advice.
  • Visitor suspension: Students have been informed of the visitor suspension (in place until advice from the government changes).
  • Room cleaning: For the time being resident students will have to clean their own rooms. Cleaning materials and appliances have been made available to all residents available upon request.
  • Communal kitchen cleaning: Cleaning of the communal kitchen is continuing but with the following precautions although this is under almost daily review in line with government advice:
    • No residents to be in the same room as where cleaners are cleaning.
    • Cleaners will be wearing shoe covers and disposable protective gloves whilst conducting their work.
    • Increasing the use of anti-bacterial and bleach where appropriate especially on surfaces where studies show the virus is able to survive for longer (e.g. metallic surfaces – implying focus on railings, handles etc..).
  • Personal hygiene / protective gear:
    • We are looking closely at how to procure then provide shoe covers for every individual in the buildings. This would require anyone entering the building to put their shoe cover on at the entrance area and anyone exiting the building to take their shoe cover off in a bid to improve overall hygiene. 
    • As hand sanitiser supplies become more available (news reports suggest production is being ramped up) supply via dispensers in the entrance areas will be available for immediate use upon entering the premises – this again depends on procurement therefore subject to availability
  • Treatment of confirmed cases:
    • Should a case be confirmed, we will act quickly and decisively, following the relevant authorities’ specific instructions and advice.
    • If a case is confirmed, we will also organise a professional deep clean of any areas that the affected customer may have come into contact with, as directed by the relevant authorities.
  • Temporary relocation:
    • If someone in an apartment is diagnosed with coronavirus, with the relevant medical advice, we will do our best subject to availability to relocate anyone that is vulnerable due to an existing respiratory illness or immune system condition. 


Who do I contact with accommodation related questions?

If you are staying with our provider James Oliver, please email at officejamesoliver@gmail.com


Future students

Q: Can I still research accommodation options? If so, where can I find this information?

  • Of course, please email ICP’s Accommodation officer at accommodation@icp.port.ac.uk where information on ICP Halls, University Halls and private providers can be obtained.
  • We also work closely with other providers in the University and can offer support on contacting them.


When will I be able to book accommodation for January 2021 start date?

  • You can start booking your accommodation now, bookings are now open on our website here. We are however closely working with our provider to ensure safeguarding measures can be put in place such as regular cleaning, social distancing and temperature checks.