Future Student Updates (COVID-19)

International College Portsmouth


Academic Tuition Fees

Stage 1 University Foundation - Undergraduate Pathways

Pathways Tuition fees 2021/22 Entry Stage No. of Semesters
Accounting and Finance £8,200 Foundation 1
Business and Management £8,200 Foundation 1
Accounting and Finance


Foundation 2
Architecture, Design and Fashion


Foundation  2
Business and Management £13,900 Foundation 2
Law, Politics and International Relations £13,900 Foundation 2
Media and Games Technologies £13,900 Foundation 2
Mathematics £13,900 Foundation 2
Computing £14,900 Foundation 2
Engineering £14,900 Foundation 2
Property and Surveying £14,900 Foundation 2
Science £14,900 Foundation 2


Stage 2 First Year Degree - Undergraduate Pathways

Pathways Tuition fees 2021/22 Entry Stage No. of Semesters
Accounting and Finance £13,900 First Year Degree 2
Business and Management £13,900 First Year Degree 2
Property and Surveying (Integrated) £14,900 First Year Degree 2
Engineering (Integrated) £14,900 First Year Degree 2
Science (Integrated) £14,900 First Year Degree 2


Stage 1 Pre-Master - Postgraduate Pathways

Pathways Tuition fees 2020/21 Tuition fees 2021/22 Entry Stage No. of Semesters
Accounting and Finance £7,700 £7,900 Pre-Master 1
Business and Management £7,700 £7,900 Pre-Master 1
Logistics and Supply Chain Management £7,700 £7,900 Pre-Master 1
Education £7,700 £7,900 Pre-Master 1
International Relations and Criminal Justice £7,700 £7,900 Pre-Master 1
Science and Engineering £7,900 £8,100 Pre-Master 1



Pathway Tuition fees 2020/21 No. of semesters
University Foundation £4,950 1
University Foundation £6,165 2
First Year Degree £6,165 2
Pre-Master £6,165 1


*If you’re an EU student starting a course in the academic year 2020/21, including January to July 2021, you’ll continue to be eligible for the same fees as UK students and for financial assistance under existing support arrangements. 


If you’re an EU, EEA or Swiss national, starting a course in the academic year 2021/22 or later years, you will no longer be eligible for the same fees as UK students. You’ll pay the same fees as an international student.


If you're an an EU, EEA or Swiss national and have been granted settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, you are generally be eligible for home fee status, tuition fee and maintenance support if you have been ordinarily resident in the UK and Islands for at least 3 years. We might need to conduct a fee assessment as part of your admissions process to confirm your fee status.


Pre-Sessional English

Stage Tuition fees 2020/2021 Tuition fees 2021/22 Duration
University Foundation £2,500 £2,550 6 weeks
University Foundation £3,900 £4,000 10 weeks
First Year Degree £2,500 £2,550 6 weeks
First Year Degree £4,700 £4,800 13 weeks
Pre-Master £2,500 £2,550 6 weeks
Pre-Master £4,700 £4,800 13 weeks



Payment methods

The following applies for all fees and other charges including student accommodation.

Payment of the amount, along with any transaction costs due, should be made in £, pounds sterling, to ICP by:

  • International bank draft;
  • Telegraphic transfer;
  • UK bank debit card;
  • Non-UK bank debit card (3% surcharge will apply).

Pay your fees online

If payment is made by telegraphic transfer then it must state (a) the student's name, and (b) the student's ICP student ID number as reference for payment, and provide ICP with proof of payment.

Your ICP tuition fees can be paid through our online form here or to the following account :

Account Name: ICP Ltd.

Account No: 12221136

Sort Code: 18-50-08

Swift Code: CITIGB2L

IBAN: GB06CITI18500812221136

Bank Name: Citibank N.A.

Bank Address: Citigroup Centre, Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5LB, United Kingdom